Dophix declines all responsibility related to the decay and/or loss, direct and/or indirect consequent to the sale of goods and services offered in the catalogue Dophix including the delayed and/or non-delivery of the product, declaring itself Any problems related to the correspondence of the goods with the specifications published on the site and/or for any other fact not directly attributable to Dophix.
Risk, property and shipping
Purchased goods are shipped to the address expressly indicated by the purchaser. At the time of delivery of the goods it is the duty of the customer to verify the integrity of the packages and the qualitative and quantitative correspondence with the indicated in the accompanying document (DDT). Even in the presence of intact packaging, the goods must be verified in the peremptory term of 7 days from the reception (only for Italy), penalty the forfeiture of the right, reporting in writing (by fax or recommended A/R) any hidden anomalies. The Customer assumes full responsibility for what is stated.
The shipments are made WITH DHL.