Purchase orders are accepted only and exclusively electronically. At the end of the purchase process the user will receive a communication (also by e-mail) that will certify the individual order with a dedicated code. If you have passed a few minutes to the customer will not be communicated any order number, the proposed purchase will be construed as not accepted, to any effect of law, reserving the Dophix not to provide any clarification on the subject. The products sold can be purchased on the circuit of PAYPAL, bank transfer and credit card. The Confirmation of order and payment is forwarded by mail directly from the payment server (PAYPAL or credit card), raising the Dophix from any responsibility. If the customer prefers a different payment method, he must, before submitting the order, contact Dophix and specify his/her need. Dophix reserves the same to not carry out the shipment of the goods, even after accepting the order, to those customers who are outside Fido, or with unresolved or in litigation.